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InfoPH.com is a database of essential information, documents processing, job application guides and career guides for Filipinos all over the world. We aim to make each process as simple as possible yet informative for an efficient and effective documents processing or job application.

We have also provided career evaluation tools and career assessment tools that are also available online that aim to help in developing  greater understanding and provide guidance in building professional careers.

The Authors of this website are inclined on career development, human resource management, psychology, methods engineering, logistics, process improvement and process optimization, who values time and quality with greatest importance when it comes to service.

The service industry in one of the hardest in gauging quality but with this website, the authors aim to make a difference by making each and every application processing as simple as possible.


The Authors

Admin AE studied Engineering in college . He loves ergonomics, process optimization and being updated with the government. During his free time, he enjoys web development and learning how things work through Youtube.

Admin EM works as a Human Resource Officer for a private company. Through her work and past experiences and exposure to a lot of job applicants, she found the typical problems faced by job applicants when it comes to providing documents for their job application. That’s why to continuously promote efficiency, she has to make a medium to impart her knowledge and background. That’s why InfoPH.com existed. Admin EM is an education graduate, with units in Psychology and Philosophy. She loves to watch inspirational movies, videos and enjoys reading books on business.






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